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the secret to raising extraordinary children

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You are the most important person in your child’s life.

You know him/her best.

You love him/her most.

My personal parenting-journey started 18 years ago when I had my first child.  It was love at first sight…And then reality hit….I felt absolutely clueless!  What happened to – “parenting comes naturally”?  I was so overwhelmed!

I needed training!  Every parent needs training.  I bet my life that when you started a job you got training for the job that you were going to do.  Yes? Now imagine if I came to you and said:  

“I’ve got a job for you.  You are going to be responsible for the emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual development of a human being.”  Would you say to me:  “Piece of cake!”  Never!  And yet, we as parents don’t have any training! 

So, after my disastrous start into “parenting” 18 years ago, I went on a quest to “train” myself to be an excellent parent. This led me to developing a programme – a step-by-step ‘system’ which has been tried and tested over the past 18 years.  I started three very successful Nursery Schools based on this programme, and two Cambridge International Schools.

Now – I know that life as a busy, working-parent, can be exhausting! Finding the time to actually be a ‘good’ parent is already a major challenge.  Making the little time you have with your child  ‘quality’ time;  well – nearly impossible.  

Today, after raising four fantastic children, (and many other children…) I’m excited to announce that this system is ready for release!

I introduce to you:  Brainy Baby – The Ultimate Activity Guide for Busy Parents with Babies and Toddlers.  This amazing programme will help ‘train’ you as a parent to use powerful skills and tools to turn the time you spend with your child into ‘quality’ time, and at the same time create wonderful memories for you and your child.  

Remember – you are not just singing lullabies, stacking blocks, playing peek-a-boo or sharing stories.  You are helping your baby build a healthy brain and creating memories that will last a lifetime!


what you will get today!

Daily Activities

These activities have been put together with your child's age and developmental stages in mind, but most of all for enjoying the magical moments you will spend with your child.

Stages of Development

Each week you will be able to see your child's developmental stage..

Instructional Videos

To help you even further I have included instructional videos for some of the activities which will give you peace of mind that you are doing each activity correctly.


Under this section, you will receive links to downloadable material that is used with the activities, or gives you more information about the activities. This will include printables, music, nursery rhymes, booklets, and many more!

Shopping lists

At times you will need to purchase very inexpensive educational materials to supplement you daily activities. We will provide you with a weekly shopping list.


This section contains tips & tricks, advice and topics of interest.

What Other Busy Parents Say

Wally Claassen

"As a first-time father, Brainy Baby has helped me spend fun and quality time with my baby."

Irina Zenchuk

"With Brainy Baby I know I am doing the right thing at the right time to develop brain-building connections with my baby. And it is so much fun!"

Malomane Family

"We used Brainy Baby for both our kids and it brought us together as a family...It also laid an incredible foundation for our children's future education."

Monette Joubert

"Brainy Baby saved my life! It showed me step-by-step what to do with my son. Thank you so much!”

my "ultimate activity guide" guarantee

You and your child will create incredible memories in your journey with Brainy Baby’s Activity Guide, or I will personally send back every penny you pay today!

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Daily Activities

Stages of Development

Instructional Videos


Shopping Lists

yearly subscription



Daily Activities

Stages of Development

Instructional Videos


Shopping Lists

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